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Learn The Secrets To  Getting And Winning Your Ex Back, Learn How To Mend
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When  you feel the  desire to be with your  ex boyfriend again, The first step is To Mend Your Broken Heart, And Then  how to get him back by paying special attention To Him.

If, after  some  soul  searching... And  Thinking  About, How, He Broke Your Heart, you still decide to get him back...

You're  feeling confused, annoyed, and a little anxious. He's pulling  away from you, and you feel like the impending breakup is inevitable,

And start thing of how to mend my broken heart after he gone, You want to get him back to loving you and adoring you like he used to.

Or maybe you've already been shocked by his split and started thinking of how to mend our broken Hearts, when you though everything was going so well.

Whether you want to get him back into that loving feeling, or get him back into your life with a solid  relationship, there are some do's and don'ts  you must heed to keep your chances alive.

Be Informed...

Men want to be able to talk to you so keep informed. Listen to the news and read.
Know what is going on in the world so you can have a decent conversation and let
your man know you are as smart as he is... maybe more so.

How Get Him Back, And How To Mend Your Broken Heart is all about Your
attitude first!

The first thing you need is a shift in your own attitude and perspective.

Many women in a relationship, when their needs aren't met, become irritable and anxious. Both of these are very unattractive to men.

It isn't her fault, nor do most women mean to do this, but it is a normal reaction when one isn't feeling fulfilled.

The solution to this is to transform your upset feelings from annoyance, and
become more vulnerable.

As annoying as it may be, men like a girl who has a vulnerable side.

They want to help and protect, but it's difficult to do when their woman acts like
she can't be pleased.

Whether you are still together and having problems or you have already broken up and want to get him back, And learn how to mend your broken heart...

This next step is crucial...

Men and women are very different in the way that they overcome certain problems,
so  what  may  seem  logical  to  you to solve something can actually be exactly the
wrong thing to do with your boyfriend if you want to get him back.

Here is the advice: Men respond to distance, not words...

Here's 4 Tips On How To Mend a Broken Heart!

Anyone who has gone through a breakup or divorce and has come out the other
side with a broken heart, knows what we are talking about.

It can be a very painful experience!

One of the ways to help yourself to feel better and actually heal from a breakup or divorce  is  to  begin  to listen to what you are telling yourself. In other words, pay attention to your “self talk.”

We all talk to ourselves all of the time and this is what we calling 'self talk.'

These thoughts come and go in our minds and they can either help us go through
life with relative ease or struggling at every step of the way.

In our experience, this 'self talk' can either keep you stuck  in the past mulling over what went wrong or  what you  should have  done differently or stuck in the future worrying about what might happen at some point down the road.

Or 'self talk' can help you  to stay in the  present moment, dealing practically with what's happening right now, and move powerfully and positively into your future.

One of the best kept secrets is that you can change your thoughts. Believe it or not, many people learn how to do it.

Here are 4 ways to change 'self talk' to help you ease your pain from your breakup
or divorce...

1. Identify one reoccurring thought or  pattern  that is bringing you pain and make
the commitment to yourself to change it. Write your commitment down and post it where you'll see it often.

It could go something like this...

"I commit to changing my thoughts about how alone I am right now. I may not
be with a partner right now but I don't have to constantly remind myself."

2. Become aware of what you are telling yourself.

Believe it or not, our thoughts are habits that we've created along the way.

For instance, there's the "guilt" set of thoughts, the "worry" set  of thoughts, the "fear" set  of  thoughts, the "I'm  always  going  to be alone" set of thoughts, the "nothing's wrong" set  of  thoughts  or  the "sunny  outlook" set of thoughts you
get the idea.

If you want to begin healing your pain, start paying attention to your particular set
of thoughts. You might even give them a name.

Maybe  you've  not  had these thoughts until your breakup or maybe they've been
with you for a long time. Whichever is the case, just begin noticing what thoughts roll through your mind.

3. Once you have become aware of your thoughts, decide the thoughts that make
you  feel  better,  easier  about  your  situation  and  those  that don't. Take a legal
pad or notebook and at the top of the page, make 2 columns with these headings:

"Feel better" and "Feel Worse."

Keep the legal pad or notebook where you can easily reach it. As thoughts come
to you, write  them  down under one of those two categories.

Do this long enough for you to see on paper, your patterns of thinking that are
either helping you or pulling you down.

4. Practice in each moment and break your habit.

Have you ever broken a habit?

It takes being aware of what you are doing and then making a change in that one
moment. Your  thought  pattern  is  a  habit  and  can be changed, but you have to
believe the thought that you are changing to, and you have to practice it.

All you need to do is follow a simple plan of how to mend your broken Heart, and
start  the  process  on  get him back... by following these proven steps to win him
back Super Fast and Forever...

People  May  Say  No  One  Ever  Died  Of  A Broken  Heart, But  When You're Suffering From One, It  Sure  Feels That Way... 

Get Ready  To  Love  And  Trust Again!
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