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It  will  invoke  the  feelings  you  had  then. It would suck to get back together  only to discover that the same problems are still haunting
you. So take it slow and trust your gut...

During your meeting, casually  recollect about  funny, romantic, or exciting times you had together... like a fantastic trip you took or how you first met.

Is  there  a  chick  out there... who  isn’t  a  little  bit  haunted  by  that
“one who got away” THINK BACK?

You know...

The ex you  regret breaking  up with, or the  guy friend you  had a secret crush on in high school, or the hot summer fling you wish had turned into more

Oh well!

He’s nice  to fantasize  about occasionally, but  he’s a lost cause, right?

Because he is the type of guy... you would  not know how  to handle a breakup with

Not necessarily.

In fact, “retro sexual  romances” seem  to  be  the  hottest hook up trend out there... courtesy  of  Twitter  and  Facebook  and other social networking sites that make it super easy to reconnect with an old flame.
The  fundamental  Guide  to  Finding  Your  Own  True  Love,  shares  the  details on
whether  to  dig  back  into  the past, and, if you do, how to work a happy
and sexy reunion.

Next time he makes one of those comments, ask him what he’s basing his feelings on...

And tell him to be specific.

If  he  can’t  come  up  with  one  valid reason for his accusations, it might just snap
some sense into him.

In the meantime, now that you know he has trust issues, you might make  a little more effort to reaffirm that the state of your reunion is just fine. 
A good way on how to handle a break up is to keep things amicable.

Break ups don't have to be made up of nasty fights, harsh words and revenge plots.

If you came into a relationship in a good way, you can try to get out of it nicely.

Don't rub salt into an already bad wound.

Wouldn't  it  be  better  to  lose  a  lover  and  win  a  friend  than  lose everything?

Don't play  the  blame game... this  is not  a good way on how to handle a break up.

Blaming each other will create negative feelings and  even make you regret a lot of things that you shouldn't have in the first place.

Take responsibility for the part you played on the relationship, both for its success and  for  its  failure, but  don't  be  too  harsh  on yourself or on your soon to be ex boyfriend...

Just  because  you  do  not  no how to handle a broken heart after your relationship
has failed.

By keeping your self esteem intact, you don't leave room for bitterness and you will learn ho handle a break up nicely.

Another  way  to  handle  a break  up  is avoid seeing only the hole in the doughnut.

Relationships  end for many  reasons and when yours does, don't
just focus only on the bad things.

Remember  the  things  that  made  your  relationship  great  and  be
you were once a part of it.

Just don't dwell on it... this way you'll know how to handle a brake up more easily. 

Think through everything thoroughly, but not obsessively. 

Go ahead and mull it over, as many times as necessary, within reason.

Consider all the reasons you two broke up.

Even  if  it  sometimes  seems  as  if  there  wasn't a good reason, there certainly was one... and probably more than one.

Understand that you enjoyed being together for a while, but if the relationship was not what both you and your partner wanted for life, it would have ended eventually, better sooner than later...

No matter

Thinking  about  the  reasons  why  it  ended  can make it much clearer to you that it takes  two  people  to  start a relationship, but just one discordant person is enough
to end it.

It  may  also  help  you  avoid  many  missteps  in the future if you can identify areas where you contributed to the demise of the relationship. 

Don't try to be so strong... Cry if you need to, scream if you want.

Be in your pajamas the whole day.

You've been hurt...

There's nothing wrong with crying.

As bad as it may make you feel at the
time to be crying over your ex, you'll feel a lot better when you're done crying...

No Matter... how long it takes.

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