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When It Comes To [How To Get Him Back Super
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Are  You  Wondering... How  To  Get  My  Ex  back... But  All
You  Can  Feel  Is  The Pain F
rom Trying Everything In Your Power, And  It  Seems  Like "There’s  A  Long Rocky
Road To Getting Back With Your Ex Partner"?

A breakup is a very emotional and painful thing to go through. Probably all  you  want  to  do  right now is to curl up on the couch, eat ice cream, and feel sorry for yourself... And honestly, who wouldn't!

In life, usually it is  good to  do what  your instincts  tell you to do. Your "gut feeling"
is right most of the time, and if you follow it, you will be
all right.

It is  extremely  important  that you  decide on a solid plan right now. Before you are tempted to make a bad move by instinct, and blow your chances in the process.

You will be tempted, no doubt about it...

However, this does not apply to breakup situations!

This is the one time where your instincts are totally WRONG... Believe me!

If you want to get your Ex back, you will have to act completely different from what your heart tells you to do.

So stop what you are doing for a moment.

Try to control your emotions, and take a few minutes out of your Day to think about your life...

Three Ground Rules For Winning Your Ex Boyfriend Back Super Fast!

And I’m About To Hand You These Shortcut...

Let's Start...

I have defined three ground rules that any girl should follow if she wants to get her ex boyfriend back.

Of course every breakup situation is different. You may feel like your situation is so different, that the "common rules" don't apply to you.

Ground Rule One: Limit Contact

One area where you need to be very strict with yourself, is contact.

Whatever you do, don't harass your ex. This will definitely drive him away from you. Instinctively you want to call him, because you want things to get back to how they were between you two.

And to get back together, you first need to make contact, right? Right..?

Wrong! Please, in your heart you already know this..

Don't call him!

After a guy breaks up with you, he will regard your repeated phone calls as "stalking" or "harassing" way sooner than you think!

And even more important: Since you are giving him confirmation that you still think about him, he will not feel any pain of missing you.

This is  definitely not  helping  to  get  him  back! So whatever you do, don't call him unless you have your plan to win him back all laid out, more about that later.

If  you have  difficulty  fighting  the  urge to call him, then try to keep your focus on your goal: Getting your boyfriend back in your arms!
Try the psychological exercise that we did before. Like with most things in life, if you keep the end result in mind, it will just be so much easier!

Ground Rule Two: Find Other Things To Focus On

This  may  not  seem  like  much  of  a "how to get my Ex boyfriend back" tactic, but believe me, it is actually a very powerful method! Let me explain:

If you  can  find  a new  hobby or activity to dedicate some of your attention to, you
will have less time to miss your ex boyfriend.

Apart from  that, you  will regain  the feeling that you are in control of your life, and experiencing new and interesting things.

Those two factors lead to something very valuable to your goal... You will have more self  confidence,  and  that  definitely  shows... and your ex boyfriend will notice that you  have "moved  on" with  your  life, or  at least that you are not suffering full time because he is gone.
This works like a red rag on a bull for most guys!

Well  so  far  the  basics. I  hope  you  have  learned that acting on instinct is a very dangerous thing to do when you try to win your boyfriend back.

Now for one of my favorite "real life" examples of how to get your ex boyfriend back!

Of course this method won't be useful to everyone, but if you feel that it might suit your situation, I recommend you give it a try! 
Ground Rule Three: Be strong!

However heartbroken you feel, trust me, your ex boyfriend is not going to want you back if you show him that you are miserable or needy.

You  probably  have  the  urge  to  let  him know just how terrible you feel, and how
much you miss him, so that he will feel.. ehm...

Feel what? Pity..?

A guy doesn't fall for a girl out of pity, ever!  You'd  be amazed  though, how  many women try to use this "tactic" to get an ex boyfriend back.

Please  don't  be  one  of  them! To get your ex boyfriend back, you will  have  to be confident and strong! Girls, I can not stress this enough.
You’re Kidding, Right...

“Is it that easy?

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