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It's time to get excited, and feel desperate no more.

Wait a second...

Right  now  you're  hurting  so much you can't even think straight, so how likely are
you to say and do the  exact right thing to patch up this broken
relationship and set
it back to two hearts humming in sync?

Not too likely.

The first important issue is that you're ignoring all the important signs
your ex is giving you.

Men send a ton of silent “signals” that are out there waiting for women to tune into and pick up on.

And to learn from...

Some of these signals that men send are indirect and unintentional, but others men know they're sending out.

Please don't be naive.

Wake up!

Realize what's going on here.

If  he's  dating  someone  else, you've  got  to  start  moving on. That's  a direct  and intentional signal.

He  doesn't  share  your  feelings  of  wanting  to  get  back  together in a committed relationship with you.

IF you challenge this idea, you need to recognize something important...

That  he's  not  in  the  right  place  in  his  life  to  share what you want
with him.

What you really  need for yourself is to find a healthy way to take some of the focus off How To Get Him Back Now...

You should try having fun instead and focus on you and your life.

This doesn't mean you have to go out and date right now, but you need to take your mind off him.

I know it's hard  to do this when you  still have intense feelings for him.

But  the  simple  truth  is  that  you're  setting  yourself  up  for All  Kinds of pain and disappointment...

And I know doing this is tough...

But  you've  got  to  do it if  you're going to find your way to a new and
improved situation with or without him.

Here's something else critical going on for you...

You're  making  a  lot  of assumptions about His feelings when you say “he has very strong feelings for me.” Do the math.

By  thinking  about  how  you  believe  he  Feels  inside is only keeping you stuck on
him  and  your  beliefs  about  the  good  person  he  can  be  and  how 
great  things
Could be together.

Let me put it another way... What are his actions and behaviors saying?

If  you  listen  to  the  signals  your  ex boyfriend  is  sending  you, you'll see that his “feelings”  he  shares  are  just  his  way  of  holding  onto  you  for  his own comfort
and benefit.

Think  about  what  You Want  to be happy, and  remember all the things your ex has done and said to let you know he's not committed to sharing his love with you. 

If you give  him and yourself  some space, a funny  thing might happen you won't expect...

Your  Ex-boyfriend  won't  have  the  comfort  of  two  women who both
want his

He won't  know  that  you're  still there waiting for him and this will trigger thoughts and actions in him that will ultimately help resolve your situation. 

Until then...

For your own well being...

It's important you let him know he can't keep sharing his  intimate feelings with you while he's dating another woman.

Take time to get over him, Stop thinking about How To Get Him Back Now, and focus on yourself and when you are ready you can then move on.

It may  take Months... Or Years... for you  to be  ready!  it depending on
person really.

After A few months you'll start to feel better but it is extremely hard sometimes. You do not need to settle for a broken relationship...

The fact that he even needs time away shows that he is unsure where this is headed!

It's time to stop thinking about how to get Him Back now.

And move on
with life...

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