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There are
times when you just have to Get Revenge On An Ex Boyfriend.
Getting revenge  is about  putting you back in control and ensuring that your ex gets to experience the hurt, pain  and humiliation that you have suffered.

He promised you the world, then left you alone in it. 

You've always been the perfect girlfriend, at least  when it  came to appearance and personal hygiene. You'd wax, trim and always dress up properly for any occasion.

There are many ways to get revenge on an ex boyfriend, but the best way is to make him regret that he dumped you.

Let him know, that he wasn't any good for you, And that he was a big loser.

Make him feel inadequate by going to the gym and shaping up... Let Him know
that you are going out with younger men at your Gym now...

Point is...

The next time you and your ex bump into each other, you should look and feel better than him.

You  could  make  him  want  you  back  and  be  the  one to get revenge on your  Ex
this time... You'll be the one doing the dumping this time around.

Better still, you could date someone new and flaunt him to your ex the next time you both get invited to the same event.

I know it can be very thrilling to be with your ex, and you both may be feeling a little 'high' from falling for each other all over again.

If you allow these  feelings to control  whether you  reconcile the relationship or not, you could be making a big mistake. You are both going to need to think through how the new relationship will be.

Don't let floods of emotion overtake your common sense.

While making decisions concerning the your new relationship or just getting back with your Ex boyfriend, it is best to do this calmly, sensibly, and rationally.

If either of you allow your emotions to cloud your judgment now, you may regret
it down the road.

If you are really determined about getting back together with your ex partner, make sure that both of you are completely ready for another try with the relationship.

By taking a little time now, you may end up saving yourself a great deal of pain later on. After all, neither of you wants a break up later on!

It might be very easy to believe that your boyfriend has changed because you really
want  the relationship  to work this  time... don't  kid yourself on this or you are just
setting yourself up to Get Revenge On your Ex Boyfriend.

Set yourself  up for success by being  completely open with your Ex boyfriend. This
help you be sure, you aren't headed down the same path that led to your break
up in
the first place.

The  idea can  seem very  enticing, especially if you have been thinking about all the
good times you had while you were together. But you need to do some very serious
thinking before you and your ex boyfriend get back together.

Many couples have  successfully  gotten  back  together  and end up with an even stronger relationship after a breakup.

Unfortunately, some couples get back together for the wrong reasons or before they
have fully dealt with the issues that led to the breakup of the relationship.

Is this resolved?

If not, it is very likely that the relationship will fail again.

You and your Ex boyfriend have  to find a way to deal with the problems that led up
to the  breakup o r you will  need to decide  together that the breakup issues are no
longer going to be an area of conflict.

It  isn't  going  to  be  enough to just have regrets about your relationship and how
it was ended...

Things have to change before getting back together with your ex boyfriend.

Whether  they  have  cheated  on  you... betrayed you... abused you emotionally or physically, played with your emotions, taken money from you, turned your friends and family against you...

crushed your self confidence or made you so angry that you cannot think straight
then you are right in seeking revenge.

Getting revenge on an ex boyfriend, is about giving you back control.

You have  the right  to be loved  and respected, the fact  that your ex is such a shit
that they think of themselves first is completely and utterly wrong!

Don't you deserve to feel loved and have control of your life and emotions?

Don't you deserve to be able to spend each day without dwelling on the hurt, pain and humiliation that your ex has caused you?

Of course you do!!!

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever, that you deserve the very best.

You have done nothing wrong... don't let your ex try and blame you.

They are the ones who are guilty, not you... you are the victim here.

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