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I Want  To  Know  Why... I Can  Not Get  Over My Ex Boyfriend  So  Badly. He  Wasn't  The Right Kind Of Guy For Me Any Way... Is It Because He Was What I Couldn't Have...

Is  That  Why I Can Not Get Over Him! A  lot of people believe turning off  your  feelings  for a person you once were involved  in a romantic  relationship  with, or  even  hating  them  is a  way to show that they
are "over" the person.

But, I Believe The Exact Opposite Is True...

When you are completely "over" a person, you really wish them nothing but the best, and you are totally detached emotionally from how they act or react.

I know  what  your  talking about completely, we dated for a while and the things he would tell me were irresistible... I keep looking at his pictures over and over.

And  I  listen  to  his voice clips and watch the videos he made for me and I know we are as perfect as perfect can get.

So I kept trying to talk to him and he full out gave me the silent treatment.

I didn't know, one person could  have such a powerful grip on me and I was so down-in-the-dumps practically wasting away.

Forgive  your  Ex, no  matter what they did or didn't do. Unfortunately, it may not be enough at this point to say, "I forgive my ex." And leave it at that.

Forgiveness has little to do with words, and more to do with action.

Before proceeding with this step...

I recommend reading up on the topic of forgiveness, & reading  heroic stories about the power of forgiveness.

This  Step  is  often  tricky, because if you master each step up to this point, your Ex may very well want to reconcile.

At  the  very  least, your  Ex  will  begin  responding to the kindness you send their way in a positive fashion.

But regardless if you want to get back together with your Ex, just be friends, or just get  over  the  obsessive  thinking remember your sole purpose is to realize who you are, restore your sense of balance, and reclaim your personal power.

If  you  do  all  of  this work just to manipulate your Ex into responding the way you want them to, it may work for a very short period of time.

But I guarantee your Ex will pick up on the fact that your intentions are not genuine, and you will lose your personal power.

Not  only  that, but  when  you  genuinely become who you are, you attract the right kind  of  people  to  your  life. And maybe your Ex is not the person you are meant to
be with!

Plus the only way you  will know if you are meant to be with your Ex or anyone else is if you are genuinely who you are.

If the  hurt and  anger is overwhelming, distance  yourself from  your Ex completely.

If  you  go  deeper, you  will  realize  your  Ex  may  also  be  a  very  hurt and scared
person... even if they outwardly seem very hostile, aggressive and manipulative.

You will  find  that  there  is a part of you that realizes your Ex is just a human  being, with  their  own  imperfections, weaknesses  and  short comings...

Of course, no  matter  what  happened  to  your Ex in their childhood or even in their
day to day life... it does not give them a reason to mistreat you.

But by being aware of the fact that your Ex has a certain set of issues to deal with
on  their  own  time, it  will  help  you  replace  the  hurt  and  anger  you  feel with compassion and understanding.

If a person has  an experience  that is physically, mentally or emotionally traumatic, the mind deals with the situation in one of several different ways.

Some  people  abuse alcohol, food, drugs or  other substances  to numb the feelings they have inside.

Others mourn for a short period of time, restore their faith, balance and sanity, and some how miraculously move on.

But  for the  rest  of Us! left over, usually  those who are  very analytical and logical, have  trouble  processing  deeply  troubling  situations... So  we  replay  the  painful situation over and over again in our minds, searching for an answer.

But  the  problem  is, the  answer cannot  be found in the rational mind,
because the problem is on an emotional plain.

Therefore, the  solution  has  to  come from the heart, which needs to be healed and restored, Plus it needs to end obsessive thinking about Your Ex Boyfriend or Partner.

Trust me, I know, what  your  ex  did  to  you  was  horrible and I could only imagine
how you must of felt...

It took me a while to face the fact that we were over because in the back of my mind I wanted to believe that maybe, just maybe he would come back.

Starting  over is  a pain  in  the  ass... And  I  wasn't  ready  to  do that all over again.

I cried one good time...

I  was  intoxicated  a bit, but it seems like thats when reality paid me a visit. I cried... and cried... and cried..

I cried, That  the  guy  that  I  had  dated  years  ago, who to this day is still trying to
convince me that he's the one for me, He was there when I needed a shoulder.

Still, I know that deep down inside I love him..

I still do and its not easy.

It'll take time... the  only  way  to  truly get over him is to accept reality with an open mind and open heart.

You  may  not  be  together  now, and  even  though he hurt you deeply, you're only hurting yourself by dwelling in the past.

Time  stops  for  no  body  and although you maynot have him now, but
you will have the memories forever.

Occupy your  time doing  things that  you enjoy, and pretty soon, it'll be like riding a bike. You wont have to think so hard about trying to get over him, before you realize that you already have.

People  make  mistakes  every  single  day, And  very  bad  decisions  and  choices!

That's life...

What matters  most is  that you  don't shut your heart out to people who remind you of the past.

Here's another  important part... You need
to truly sit down and truthfully look back at the  relationship and understand what you did to help with it's demise.

Don't beat  yourself up if  you do something
that  you wished  you  hadn't...  Be kind... to
yourself, forgiving & most of all! Remember
that being happily single is an alternative.

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